Selasa, 02 Desember 2008

A Christmas Prayer

May our troops far away
Kneel and pray on this day
For a peace without fear.

May we send them our love
With support from above
And may they know true Christmas cheer.

May those that are ill
And are in a hospital still
May they not have to stay a day more.

For those who hunger with no food in sight,
May our generousity and love end their plight.
And famine be banished on earth.

For those in our jails,
Let justice prevail
And give hope for a new rebirth.

For those who are sad
May they soon be glad
Let happiness abound in their life.

For those wracked with pain
And as invalids have lain
May they soon know relief from their strife.

For those snarfed by dope
Let them not give up hope
May a natural high be theiir goal.

For those entrapped in wars
Let justice be restored
And peace reign in their souls.

For the Christ child came
For the sick and the lame
And to make all sinners whole

Let our prayers linger on
Long after Christmas is gone
And may Christ's love forever unite us.

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